Comparison Set (Single Origin and Himalayan Blend) 50 piece


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Item Detail

Specialty coffee trial drink comparison Drip bag set
Let's compare and drink with the SPECIALTY COFFEE Drip bag set.

Detailed explanation
This Specialty coffee comparison drip bag set will lets you easily enjoy
the taste of Himalayan coffee as well as Himalayan Blend.
It has been developed to enjoy the taste of Himalayan coffee not only at home,
but also in offices, travel destinations and various scenes.

This time, we have prepared the classic deep roast "Himalayan Blend"
that blend that values gorgeous mild sweet aroma and chocolate and
the classic medium roast "Himalayan Coffee " that makes you want to drink another cup,
with a mild sweet aroma, nutty, mild acidity, crispness and smoothness.
Fresh coffee filled in bag immediately after roasting.

Contents and product details:
Product name: Regular coffee (powder)
Raw material name: Coffee beans (green bean producing country: Nepal)
Contents: 10g / 1 cup × 25piece
Raw material name: Coffee beans (green bean producing country: Nepal, Brazil, Colombia)
Contents: 10g / 1 cup × 25piece
storage method: Store in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Precautions: After opening, consume as soon as possible.
How to grind: Medium grind
Seller: Kaname Co., Ltd.

How to make a delicious drip bag
① Open the drip bag along the perforation.
② Spread the left and right hooks and put them on the cup from above.
③ Pour a small amount of hot water and steam for 10-20 seconds. Pour the hot water into 2 to 3 portions to prevent powder from spilling.
* Please adjust the amount of hot water according to your preference.


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