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Himalayan Coffee is serving Nepali speciality coffee in Japan since 2018. We work with the professional coffee grower Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal. Our coffee is 100% chemical and fertilizer free, grown by farmers on the foothill of Himalayas in Nepal. Our farmland is considered as one of the most suitable lands where the altitude and micro-climate provides excellent condition for growing Arabica coffee.

Kaname Co., Ltd. (Himalayan Coffee) will work for 10 years toward 2030 with strong awareness of the SDGs.

  • SDGs1 Eliminate poverty
  • SDGs2 Zero hunger
  • SDGs3 Health and welfare for all
  • SDGs4 Quality education for everyone
  • SDGs5 Let's realize gender equality
  • SDGs8 Both job satisfaction and economic growth
  • SDGs10 Eliminate inequality between people and countries
  • SDGs16 Peace and Offensive for Everyone

Our Farm

We work with Greenland Organic Farm Pvt. Ltd. is a cooperative-based, socially responsible and ethical organic coffee estate located at Dandapari of Kavre district, Nepal. Our farmland is considered as one of the most suitable lands where the altitude and microclimate provide excellent conditions for growing Arabica. Besides growing on our own farm, we purchase fresh cherry and parchment from local farmers. We do further process of sorting well-ripen cherries, fermentation, washing, drying, milling and export.


Farmer support program


Himalayan coffee encourages sustainable cultivation in coffee growing areas and aims to improve the quantity and quality of the harvest and ultimately the income by implementing responsible cultivation practices for farmers. We had started Farmer support program starting from the farmers of Kavre providing educational materials for the farmers kids and first-aid kit to the family.

Every year we will be providing many facilities to farmers through profit precent of Himalayan coffee. We will be providing farming tools, coffee educational material, coffee quality tasting kit, medical kit, education to farmers children and many more.

Our core value



The Jewel of Asian Coffee™ says it all. Winning the national and international award demonstrates our quality and flavor, but don’t just take our word for it: Q-Graders around the world have scored us consistently between 85-89 points. Himalayan Coffee is a quality-focused company and we strive to be the best coffee producer in Asia.



You can trace the origin of the coffee, who grows it and how much we pay the farmers so that it is easy to understand where the money goes. We are transparent with all buyers and our farmers about the value-chain and how we produce, so that everyone involved can clearly understand the actual value of our coffee.



We are sensitive to the ecological impact of growing practices, sustainability of farmlands and dignified livelihood of the farmers, that is why ‘The Farmer Support Program’ has been implemented which encourages responsible growing practices to help farmers so the quality and the volume of the harvest can be improved, which increases their income significantly.

Our coffee beans


This is the standard third-wave coffee bean, and Q-Graders around the world have scored us consistently between 85-89 points SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of American) records.

It is a balanced coffee that makes you want to drink another cup, with a sweet aroma, nutty with a mint flavor, mild acidity, crispness and smoothness.

  • Highland Grow: We grow coffee on foothills of Himalayas from 1200m to 1600m.
  • Organic by Default: Our green beans are Organic by default. We don’t have 3rd party organic certificate. We do not use any harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Most of the coffee is grown either in wild forests or at organic farmlands.
  • Shade Grown: Most of our coffee is grown using shades under canopy of trees and herbs which contributes to the complex flavor of the coffee.
  • Hand-Picked: We pick the best cherries individually by hand, separating and discarding the unripe or overripe cherries.  Pickers rotate among the trees every eight to ten days, choosing only the cherries which are at the peak of ripeness.
  • 100% hand-sorting: Hand-Sorting is the simplest but the most effective way for the high-quality coffee color sorting. Second: because we have a small quantity production, the automatic color sorter is not as needed.


About roasting

Roasting is the process of heating raw beans and purifying sugars and organic acids in the cell tissue of beans to produce aromatic substances, brown pigments, and bitter ingredients.

The green coffee beans have only a blue smell. However, roasting brings out flavors such as aroma, bitterness, and sourness. Each bean used in coffee has its own personality. In addition, changing the degree of roasting and the way you grind will change the taste, and enjoying the changes is the fun of coffee. We are confident that we are always looking for the best cup of coffee, making sure that a cup of coffee is the most delicious.

Support from Roaster Cafe Ale Coffee

Support from Roaster Cafe Ale Coffee

Coffee lover and supporter Mr. Kano San is an expert who have experience in coffee industry for more than 30 years. He owns a roaster coffee that roasts and sells over 20 coffee beans.

Kano San of Ale Coffee who concludes, "I love coffee lovers." have full support for our philosophy and we roast 3 times a week with Ale Coffee.Ale coffee website

Own a farm in Nepal


Himalayan Coffee provide the services for the establishment of coffee farm in Nepal. You do not have to depend upon other vendor for supply, be proud by owning a coffee farm. Cultivate your preferred coffee type.

If you are interested to establish your own farm in Nepal, please contact us.